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Key Benefits of Purchasing Business Accounting Software

What is Business Accounting Software? Should I Use it? Technology over the years has grown in leaps and bounds, with business accounting software being no exception. Now, companies have exceptional accounting software choices to choose from. While having multiple choices is fantastic, it can also be overwhelming if you’re unsure what questions to consider. Why […]

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Are iPhone Accounting Apps Really Useful for SMBs?

Many accounting software vendors have developed iPhone accounting apps to supplement their software, but are they actually useful? The majority of them require that you already subscribe to their software; and even if you are a customer, the app doesn’t always have very good functionality. How useful are iPhone accounting apps that allow you to look at […]

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Business Accounting iPhone Apps You Can Use

If you’re like most business professionals, or even most people these days, you probably have a smartphone that you take everywhere and do pretty much everything with. If you’re also a small business owner, you’ve probably tried to find accounting iPhone apps for your phone, hoping it will make your finances easier to manage. While […]

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Free Training for Accounting Software from A2R Solutions

A2R Solutions has announced that it now offers free training sessions before installation of their finance and accounting software solutions. Known to be one of the most reputable IT solutions companies in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Oman and the entire GCC, A2R provides this service so that their clients get the most appropriate accounting software […]

Survey Suggests Hispanic Small Business Owners Stand to Benefit from Accounting SoftwareSolutions

Providing the only bilingual English-Spanish accounting software in the U.S. market, Sage’s Simply Accounting business recently released the findings of a recent survey among small and midsized Hispanic businesses in the U.S. The survey covered the areas of business management activities carried out by Hispanic businesses and assessed the owners’ level of financial literacy, comfort […]

Eclipse Group Accounting Software Reduces Month-End Processes

Oakam, a retail based financial services provider, recently implemented SunSystems financial accounting and business management software from the Eclipse Group. The SunSystems implementation has allowed Oakam to reduce its financial month end processes by 50 percent and has decreased the time it takes to produce month end accounts from 10 days to less than 5. […]

Buying Small Business Accounting Software

Often times, people go out and buy small business accounting software like Sage Simply Accounting or Quickbooks based on a quick price evaluation. However, this approach cannot be any more wrong. It makes no sense to purchase small business accounting software before you properly define the specific tasks that you want the software to address, […]

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5 Free Money Management iPhone Apps

With numerous companies creating business applications for the iPhone, it has quickly become a “swiss army knife” for mobile business solutions. Money management has been an increasing focus for iPhone application developers, and the apps are useful for users of varying degrees of financial experience. Listed below are the best 5 free money management apps for the […]

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