Accounting Software Articles

What are the Benefits of Cloud Accounting?

A move to the cloud to manage your financial data is loaded with benefits. Choosing a cloud computing vendor to host your accounting application remotely takes all the responsibility and most of the expense off your books while increasing your financial visibility and reporting with the ease of a browser. Consider just a few of […]

How Is Oracle Accounting Software Stacking Up Against the Competition?

Over the years Oracle has grown from a database prototype to a solid base for database technology and applications in enterprises across the globe. Today, as one of the leading suppliers of information management software, Oracle is continuing to grow in size and strength so that they continue to satisfy their customer’s every need. With […]

Sage Accounting Software for Mac Takes the Stage

Mac and PC users are separated by more than just their choice in computer technology. More often than not, software vendors don’t focus on the Apple computer market since the majority of companies buy PCs for business use. As a result, Mac accounting software options are few and far between. It’s no wonder then that […]

Cloud Accounting Software Reviews: Comparing Unit4 and SAP

Cloud accounting software reviews should help businesses find the provider who best suits their needs based on many factors including pricing and ease of use in integration with other systems. Our cloud accounting software reviews of Unit4 Cloud Rebel and SAP Business by Design will compare just a few of the many factors you should […]

What Are the Best Cloud Accounting Programs for SMBs?

As a small to medium sized business owner, how do you select the best cloud accounting programs to handle your business’ finances? You already know companies like Microsoft, Intuit, Sage and NetSuite offer solutions that can meet your needs, but are they truly the best cloud accounting programs just because they have brand power? It […]

What Every CFO Needs to Know About Cloud Based Financial Systems

Many people in the U.S. now conduct personal banking online, but that doesn’t mean that your company CFO is ready to do the same with your business financials. One concern for the CFO will be the perceived risks inherent in adopting cloud based financial systems. However, there’s also a lot of cloud based accounting information […]

Cloud Based Accounting Information You Need to Improve your Accounting Standards

Though cloud accounting is becoming more and more prevalent in business operations, there are still a few myths surrounding cloud based financial software that you should be aware of as you look into the service. Cloud based accounting does a lot of work in helping you streamline your accounting standards, so here’s some important cloud […]

The Customization Question: Can You Effectively Customize Cloud Based Financial Software?

If your company is starting a cloud based accounting comparison, you need to be sure that you know exactly what you are getting before making any decisions. Finding a cloud based financial software vendor whose product can be customized to fit your specific needs is important. FinancialForce is a Flexible Cloud Based Financial Software Vendor […]

How to tell Which Cloud Based Accounting Solutions will Work for You

When looking at cloud based accounting solutions, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect fit for your company. Looking into all of the different vendors can become very time consuming and taxing if you don’t know exactly what you want. Take a look at a few key questions to ask yourself before […]

Is Your Old Accounting System Holding you Back? Cloud Accounting can Help

Cloud computing allows you to run your computer applications and access data from any computer. Not only is this helpful in the work environment, but it is also becoming popular with accounting and financial management. Through your cloud computing vendor, your customers will be able to access their finances and you will have better control […]