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Are iPhone Accounting Apps Really Useful for SMBs?

Many accounting software vendors have developed iPhone accounting apps to supplement their software, but are they actually useful? The majority of them require that you already subscribe to their software; and even if you are a customer, the app doesn’t always have very good functionality. How useful are iPhone accounting apps that allow you to look at […]

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Business Accounting iPhone Apps You Can Use

If you’re like most business professionals, or even most people these days, you probably have a smartphone that you take everywhere and do pretty much everything with. If you’re also a small business owner, you’ve probably tried to find accounting iPhone apps for your phone, hoping it will make your finances easier to manage. While […]

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Best iPhone Accounting Apps for Tracking Expenses

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and it seems that every software developer is trying to get a piece of the iPhone action.  The iPhone has become more than just a phone, and has become a complete productivity tool. It seems as if every software developer out there is trying to cut in for a piece […]

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