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Accounting Software Tips: Steps to Increase Company Cash Flow in a Sluggish Economy

One of the biggest challenges facing business is how to increase cash flow. Most companies try to accomplish this by cutting back, but there’s much more to increasing cash flow than reducing expenditures. If you’ve already streamlined costs as much as you can, here are some tangible ways you can increase cash flow just by making a few changes to your operations.

Choosing Business Accounting Software: Tips to Follow and Pitfalls to Avoid

While much of the buying process is similar to that of looking for any high priced item, there are pitfalls associated with accounting software that you need to avoid, especially if you aren’t very familiar with what’s out there. Here are a few tips for buying accounting software, as well as warning signs to look out for when researching vendors.

Best Practices for Business Financial Planning, Forecasting, and Budgeting without the Spreadsheet

Many SMBs depend on Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their finances, but every business eventually reaches the point where that spreadsheet just can’t handle the volume of information anymore. If you want to effectively plan, forecast and budget your finances for the future, then improving your accounting processes without depending too much on spreadsheets is a must.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting: How FinancialForce.com Helped These Companies Increase Profitability

We’re all aware of the increasing impact that cloud accounting can have on a company, but what about the details? In this white paper, we discuss how FinancialForce.com’s cloud accounting software empowered its customers to not only streamline their financial processes, but also boost company profitability and productivity.

What’s the Difference Between Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, and SL?

Are you a small to medium-sized enterprise that’s trying to decide between the different Microsoft Dynamics platforms? At first glance, all three solutions appear pretty similar, and it’s only through a deeper analysis of each financial management system that the differences emerge. No matter what your industry, needs, or size of your company, one of these three Microsoft Dynamics solutions should fit the requirements of your business.