5 Accounting Software Vendors That Are Ahead of the Game

When considering accounting software vendors, there are five choices that stay ahead of the game: Sage, Oracle, NetSuite, IBM and SAP Business One. All of these accounting software vendors more than likely suits your business needs and provides the best possible choice for your company.

Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012 offers Simplicity among Accounting Software Vendors

If simplicity is what you need in accounting software vendors, Sage offers power for those on a modest budget or those who have outgrown Sage Peachtree. The solution offers enhanced capacity from five to 40 users, as well as improved performance at a price that is affordable. Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012 offers Workflow Automation that keeps business moving and avoids roadblocks due to routing issues. It also offers eleven new modules for building customized dashboards and allows for easier installation with multiple workstations being installed at the same time. Quantum 2012 also offers Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence that is a reporting and add-on feature that can be integrated with Sage Peachtree.

Oracle and NetSuite offer “cozy relationship” as Accounting Software Vendors

Both Oracle and NetSuite accounting software vendors target customers with similar needs, but they each have carved out their own territories. The two are currently forming their own technology partnership to support each other. Oracle President, Mark Hurd, recently said the combination of the two will transform the way companies run their business and bring the power of their technologies to the broad base of customers moving to the cloud. Billionaire tech mogul and Oracle founder and CEO, Larry Ellison is a shareholder to both Oracle and NetSuite and says both companies are aiming for big corporate customers now. In the past, NetSuite tended to attract smaller companies, but may soon be encroaching on Oracle since teaming up with a consulting firm to help implement their new software

Top Accounting Software Vendors IBM offers New Migration Resources for Oracle Clients

IBM will be helping their Oracle software clients to move up to IBM software with a no-charge financial and no-charge technology assessment, courses in skill training, and supporting clients that are ready to upgrade their Oracle investments to the latest in IBM software. IBM is offering zero percent financing through IBM Global Financing and this just reaffirms their commitment in providing their clients with better choices, greater flexibility and more support for their new and existing IT investments. IBM offers more than 100 in-person and online skills training courses to Oracle’s develop and database administration teams.

SAP Business One Provides Innovation in Accounting Software Vendors

SAP Business One is a ground-breaking among accounting software vendors in that incorporates world class enterprise resource planning to support middle-sized businesses and supports the entire business range from financials, sales and purchasing, customer relations, inventory and operations with integrated analytics and integrated reporting. It comes with multi-functional capabilities that cover diverse areas such accounting, management of customer relations, operations, sales, service and warehousing, which support its main strength. There is no need for separate installations due to its integrated nature.

With the many accounting software vendors available today, take the time to do your research to see which one offers the best options for your small to large company. These five companies continue to provide innovative technology to keep you ahead of the game when it comes to accounting software vendors.