Sage Accounting Software for Mac Takes the Stage

Mac and PC users are separated by more than just their choice in computer technology. More often than not, software vendors don’t focus on the Apple computer market since the majority of companies buy PCs for business use. As a result, Mac accounting software options are few and far between. It’s no wonder then that the accountants forced to use PCs because their Macs wouldn’t run the accounting software are rejoicing now with the release of Sage accounting software for Mac.

Sage Accounting Software for Mac: Getting Started

Installation is usually completed with seven easy steps in 15 minutes and you receive 45 days of free technical support. The setup wizard allows you to choose your business type so that you can find the style that best meets your needs. More than 75 business types are included, and Sage accounting software for Mac gives you tutorials and videos to assist in walking you through key procedures. They also include practice data that lets you get up to speed without affecting your actual data.

Sage Accounting Software for Mac: What’s in the Box?

Business status center gives you a high-level view of your metrics, allows you to sort the data to suit your needs and graph it, email it or print it. The vendor management center in Sage accounting software for Mac gives you a view of current orders, allows you to look up vendors by contact information, and customize and sort client data. The customer management center gives you access to customer information, receipts, time tickets, and more. The inventory and services management center helps you track inventory, plan purchases, expand service offerings, and customize and sort item and service data.

Sage Accounting Software for Mac Tops the List for Ease of Use

Sage accounting software for Mac gives Mac users the functionality they’ve been looking for, and in a user-friendly fashion. It is easy to use and can be integrated with other company software on your Mac, which will provide a single-use platform for your business needs.

Some accountants simply find Mac machines more efficient and demand is growing as Apple computers become more popular for personal computing. Sage can support you with more than 250 experts in tax and accounts production. Dashboards are easy to read and put pertinent inventory and business information in front of you. This quick access to information makes it easy to bill your clients, respond to incidents, and manage your profits.

Sage puts the emphasis on tackling the most common and current business challenges, including cash flow management, efficient billing and invoices, and staying on top of compliance. They offer tools that are easy to use, yet provide strong functionality for audit trails, billing, and comprehensive inventory management. It also features tools and customizable business reports.

The deeper visibility into your company will help you achieve more accurate accounting processes as well. Sage’s increased automation features help you achieve internal efficiencies that allow you to better manage your core solutions by utilizing features like payment and merchant services and remote access.

Sage Accounting Software for Mac: Keeping Customers Satisfied

Sage accounting software for Mac gives you the ability to bring up professional invoices and quotes, and email or post them. You’ll keep your customers and suppliers happy by keeping tabs on whom you need to pay and who owes you money. You can also get your money quickly by adding a “pay now” option to your emails.

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