How Is Oracle Accounting Software Stacking Up Against the Competition?

Over the years Oracle has grown from a database prototype to a solid base for database technology and applications in enterprises across the globe. Today, as one of the leading suppliers of information management software, Oracle is continuing to grow in size and strength so that they continue to satisfy their customer’s every need. With hundreds of thousands of customers, Oracle accounting software, along with their new partner Sun Microsystems, is benefiting from fully integrated systems that are faster, much more reliable, and are offered to you at a lower cost.

Oracle Accounting Software : JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable

While Oracle, as a company is flourishing at a high rate, so is their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Receivable software. This accounting software has the ability to make many of the financial processes more efficient and effective. Oracle accounting software can handle complex transactions much faster and reduce the need for manual processing by making everything almost automatic. You can also increase your company’s ability to respond to issues pertaining to credit and collection matters. Oracle accounting software can improve your customer relations by enhancing organization and moving at a much faster pace in the financial world.

Oracle Accounting Software : PeopleSoft

Another type of accounting software that Oracle sells is PeopleSoft. This software has been around for some time and still continues to bring companies success. While PeopleSoft is very similar to the JD Edwards software, some of the differences include management applications for asset lifecycle, customer relationships, enterprise performance, human capital, supplier relationship and supply chain.

Oracle Accounting Software Key Features

Oracle accounting software features are varied, and will help your company gain success in accounting and finances. Many of the benefits include: accounts payable and receivable, advanced cost accounting, environmental accounting and reporting. Expense management, financial management and compliance console, fixed asset accounting, general ledger and support for IFRS are also found in their software product.

Advantages of Oracle Accounting Software

Since the partnership with Sun Microsystems, many changes have been made to positively affect the management of your financials and with these changes come more flexibility. By adding new distribution centers and product lines that can be added into your existing financial operations, you will find that it is more organized and flexible, meaning that you can pull up present and historical data with no problems.

Disadvantages of Oracle Accounting Software

While Oracle is over-whelming with all their new and innovative technology, you need to be aware that the software does come with a few weaknesses. As Oracle accounting software seems to have a good base, there is always question as to if this accounting software is the right choice. One drawback to Oracle is that the setup can be a rigorous process. Not only will you spend hours trying to install the software, but adding customer information can also take up a lot of your time.

Bottom Line

When searching for the perfect way to manage your finances, Oracle accounting software has many features that can be the prime basis to your success. Although the time commitment for installation can seem costly and not the ideal situation, it is important to realize that all that time will soon make handling your finances much easier.

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