Cloud Accounting Software Reviews: Comparing Unit4 and SAP

Cloud accounting software reviews should help businesses find the provider who best suits their needs based on many factors including pricing and ease of use in integration with other systems. Our cloud accounting software reviews of Unit4 Cloud Rebel and SAP Business by Design will compare just a few of the many factors you should consider before choosing your cloud accounting software service.

Cloud Accounting Software Reviews Highlight UNIT4 and SAP

Unit4 Coda has built a world-class reputation for providing strong financial software that easily communicates and works alongside other systems and applications. The company’s focus has been on offering software that makes it easy for businesses to keep up with and manage its constantly changing environment. Unit4 Coda sees change as the new norm and equips businesses accordingly. SAP is the world’s biggest provider when it comes to business software. They have brought their expertise in business processes and workflows to a cloud-based business management solution that meets the needs of high growth businesses, and Business by Design is their on-demand ERP suite.

Cloud Accounting Software Reviews: Implementation

A cloud accounting software review should let you know how the service will be hosted and how easy it will be to implement. Cloud Rebel represents the happy marriage of proven Unit4 Coda financial management software and easy-on-the-budget cloud accounting. Unit4 Cloud Rebel is a hosted deployment available as on-demand, on-site or as a hybrid. SAP Business by Design is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is available for a monthly subscription fee. SAP hosts and maintains the hardware and upgrades the software. As an ERP product, the software supplies end-to-end business processes and management with financials as a segment of the suite. Expect to spend four to eight week on installation and configuration.

Cloud Accounting Software Reviews: Business Size

You want to know how well the service will meet the needs of your business in particular, not just business in general. That is why cloud accounting software reviews should consider how the offering matches to the size of businesses.

Cloud Rebel is designed to be fully interoperable with other point solutions you may currently be using. Regardless of the business size, the software allows you to choose which solutions you want and then smoothly integrate with all of them. Based on the notion that Business is Living in Change (BLINC), the software is easy to configure and doesn’t impose its own architecture or technology to your other systems.

SAP Business by Design is built for small-to-medium size businesses in a position of strong growth. The solution is designed to scale from small to mid-size with roughly 75 percent of users being medium-size organizations. SAP accounting software aims to provide mid-market businesses enterprise accounting systems.

Cloud Accounting Software Reviews: Features

No cloud accounting software reviews would be complete without mention of distinguishing features, and so we mention just a few. Cloud Rebel revolves around the LINK architecture which enables high degrees of user configurability while maintaining control and free from concerns that any changes will put compliances at risk. Because SAP Business by Design is itself a fully integrated business management solution, all core business functions are included. SAP BBD financials provide capability for general ledger, fixed asset management, inventory valuation and management accounting. Other key functions provided include: Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management and more.

Reading through a few cloud accounting software reviews to compare features, pricing, security and other distinctives should help you to identify which provider best suits your needs. At least in cloud accounting software reviews, the choice boils down to how much control a business wants to retain.

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