Accounting Software Reviews: Explore the Power of NetSuite

As you search for the best accounting software for your company, relying on accounting software reviews is an important step in the purchasing process. While accounting software reviews will explore everything from Excel spreadsheets to enterprise-level software platforms, what you need to do is first identify the needs of your business and then search for solutions that match those needs.

Accounting Software Reviews: What NetSuite Does that Others Don’t

The global marketplace is always changing, and demands driving your business can ebb and flow according to consumer demand, marketing prices, industry trends and more. For a number of companies who need to be flexible, versatile and scalable, they are turning to NetSuite. Offered as a SaaS accounting software solution, NetSuite takes the management of your business beyond accounting and tackles the entire organization.

According to our accounting software reviews of what NetSuite has to offer, it not only supports your accounting processes, but also enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and all Web capabilities all from one portal. The NetSuite package provides a single and integrated solution that puts powerful business management tools at your fingertips.

In our accounting software reviews, we found that one of the key differentiators for NetSuite is its ability to build a single platform around one customer record. As a result, your sales, support, accounting, shipping and billing all have access to the same information to rely on for every interaction. All of this information is in real-time, so you not only have optimal visibility, you can deliver the best experience for your customers.

Key benefits to a NetSuite solution identified in accounting software reviews include the solution’s ability to provide both managers and employees throughout the global enterprise the ability to access the functionality, information and tools necessary to manage the entire business through streamlined processes.

Accounting Software Reviews Put NetSuite at the Top

As a SaaS solution, NetSuite enables the organization to eliminate many of its IT maintenance and upgrade costs. With a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee, the business can be assured that the information and tools needed to effectively manage the business and serve customers are always available.

The time necessary to enter data is a key evaluation point in our accounting software reviews and NetSuite tackles this issue effectively. As NetSuite is built on a single record for every aspect of business, data never has to be re-entered into separate systems. Whether the solution needs to be accessed – or even updated – by sales, accounting or order management, all information is available in real-time in every system, eliminating wasted time and preventing errors.

You know how much timely decisions can affect your business. With real-time business intelligence, you can make decisions on-the-fly that impact the entire company without worrying the information you are relying on may be out of date or only captures part of the picture. Accounting software reviews focusing on NetSuite find that as a business management software solution, you gain access only to real-time business intelligence that streamlines all decision making and allows you to bring new solutions to market faster.

As with all accounting software reviews, be cognizant of the industry in which you operate. NetSuite is designed with the business in mind and is not targeted to one specific industry. Offered on a SaaS platform, you can select only those features you need and pay for only what you use. In business – information is time and time is money; NetSuite enables you to leverage both to drive success.