Big or Small? Which Sage Accounting Products Are Right for You?

Sage Accounting has invested their thirty plus years of experience in business accounting software into providing businesses with tools that are simple to use yet powerful for solving challenges. Sage Accounting helps six million customers around the globe maintain control over their business by managing cash flow, handling invoice and billing, and ensuring tax compliance. They offer two families of accounting products: Sage Peachtree and Sage Simply Accounting. Whatever your business size, Sage Accounting has a solution that will meet your accounting software needs.

Sage Accounting: Peachtree

Sage accounting provides you with the simple to use tools that will give you with the accuracy and insight you are looking for. Expect comprehensive inventory management along with well developed time and billing functionality. Sage Accounting software helps streamline and simplify your processes so you receive information in less time to make the best business decisions. Peachtree Accounting comes in four solutions to perfectly suit your business size and needs.

  • Peachtree Pro is the small business solution for one user that includes standard accounting and business management tools.
  • Peachtree Complete is the small business solution when you want to accommodate one to five users. This Peachtree accounting solution includes standard accounting and business management tools along with features such as job costing, audit trail and fixed assets.
  • Peachtree Premium is also designed for one to five users and offers all the features included with Peachtree Complete; but in addition, it provides: serialized inventory, advanced budgeting and Crystal reports. Specializations available with Peachtree Premium include: Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Nonprofits.
  • Peachtree Quantam is designed for medium size business and accommodates five to forty users. It offers all the functionality of Premium along with features like user-level security, dash-boarding, the ability to handle large databases, and more.

Sage Accounting: Simply Accounting

Sage Simply Accounting is quick and easy both to install and use, as well as a feature rich solution for your payroll needs. Take care of your billing and invoicing with language options appropriate for business in North America: English /French/Spanish. Sage Accounting offers five products in this family of solutions: First Step; Pro; Premium; Enterprise; and Accountant’s Edition.

In terms of essential accounting, the only differences among the five products are in the number of years of financial history that the solution stores and the number of built-in reports you are provided. Differences among Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Accountant’s edition occur in the offered features for advanced and in-depth accounting functions. You choose which solution to implement based on the personal needs of your company.

Sage Accounting Add-ons

By purchasing Sage Accounting add-on features, you take your core solutions and extend their reach thereby maximizing the productivity in every fiscally rooted task. Add-on features include: Cheques and Forms, Direct Payments, Credit Card Services, and Third Party Solutions (to name a few) help simplify all of your accounting processes.

Sage Accounting Simplifies Small to Mid Size Business Tasks

Whether your business has one or forty employees involved in your accounting department, Sage Accounting can simplify your core accounting processes. They have a solution that can meet the needs of your company. It doesn’t matter if your business is seeing increases in users or data or a combination, let the thirty year experts at Sage Accounting put their expertise to work in your business.