How Do You Know If the Best Small Business Accounting Software Is Really the Best?

Many small business owners are so overwhelmed in their accounting software selection process that they’ll choose the QuickBooks option because it’s generally the default choice for small businesses. However, it makes more sense to evaluate the needs of your business so you can correctly choose the best small business accounting software suited to your company. With small business accounting software vendors, features and functionality differ tremendously and what works for one company might limit your business.

Rule #1 in Choosing The Best Small Business Accounting Software

The most important rule in choosing the best small business accounting software is to remember that accounting software is designed for specific purposes and to control certain situations. Some small business accounting packages appear to be “user-friendly” as you pull them off the shelf but may not have the customization options or those industry-specific features that the more complex packages offer you. Oftentimes, small business owners just do not have the time or the knowledge to assess this problem up front. Unfortunately, down the road it can be extremely expensive to fix.

Best Small Business Accounting Software Questions to Consider Before You Purchase

Before you purchase what you think is the best small business accounting software out there, consider these factors to make your selection easier. Always ask a professional such as your CPA or financial advisor because they may be familiar with software from the different industries. More often than not, your CPA has seen or used other software programs and can gauge what best suits your needs.

For example: Is the software compatible with your current operating system? Does the software allow for Web access to your data, if needed? Does it have the necessary features and extras you need as your business grows? Know ahead of time how you need the software to work for you. Prices range considerably for accounting software, so know what your budget is in advance. Oftentimes, people purchase expensive software to discover much too late that they are only using five to ten percent of the software’s total capacity.  If you want the best small business accounting software for your company, don’t buy what you don’t need.

Consider VAR 100 Finalists in Best Small Business Accounting Software

Long time industry analyst and editor, Bob Scott, covers the accounting community each year and chooses the best small business accounting software based on certain criteria. Finalists have to meet specific criteria that includes, a number of industry awards, peer recognition, demonstration of leadership, revenue and annual growth to name a few. You can check the VAR 100 list to see which companies rank in the top standing of the list and go to their websites to begin your research. As with anything you purchase, it’s always best to compare small business accounting software and contrast several different choices. Really look for those features which are most important to you in the best small business accounting software.

There are several great accounting software options out there that are designed to help you manage your accounting needs as well as your finances. Take plenty of time to consider the one the truly suits your needs in choosing the best small business accounting software for your small business.