Rules Engine Critical in Accounts Payable Software

While it may not be your favorite line item in the budget, accounts payable is still an everyday part of doing business; and as much as you would like to be able to do that business without having expenses, you have to spend money to make money. Since you want to be sure to be able to effectively track where your money is going, you want to invest in accounts payable software that is robust, accurate and integrates well within your environment and your infrastructure.

Which Accounts Payable Software is Right for You?

One accounts payable software solution on the market is the Prodagio Software version 4.7, which sports the enhanced Rules Engine, known as the RoboProcessor. Think zero-touch transactions and you’ll get an idea of the capabilities of this platform. If you are not the person who handles all of your accounts payable software transactions, take a few minutes to talk with the person who does to learn how tedious it can be to go through every invoice with a fine- toothed comb before sending out a dime.

Yes, you want this kind of diligent approach to your bill paying, but do you want to pay the associated salary to get it done? What would you be able to accomplish – or this individual doing the diligent work – if your accounts payable software would do this detailed work for you? One of the benefits of the RoboProcessor Rules Engine is its ability to interrogate all inbound invoices. The system relies on algorithms, combined with flexible enterprise accounting systems integration technology to ensure it can validate and augment all data when examining invoices against purchase orders throughout multiple systems.

This accounts payable software engine takes it one step further by then identifying the unique workflow that must be in place for each type of invoice. This is essential to ensure that the $100 invoice you receive for office supplies is not treated the same way as the $20,000 invoice received for your data center. By establishing validation checkpoints and rules for what invoices must pass through this system, you can gain even more value out of your accounts payable software.

What You Should Look For In Accounts Payable Software

No accounts payable software is worth the weight of the box if it does not adhere to your internal accounts payable business processes. Make this a priority as you search for the right accounts payable software. If the right integration also eliminates the extraneous handling of the invoice, you will save time and reduce the process involved in getting an invoice paid. Invoices that meet all of the criteria you establish can complete the process through zero-touch and allow your accounts payable employees to focus on those invoices that need the extra attention.

Whether you decide you need the RoboProcessor or another accounts payable software with an equally powerful platform and rules engine, the important element is to look for that engine. If you cannot set and control the rules of the process through the accounts payable software, you need to keep looking. It is important to be sure you can get the most value out of your solution by streamlining your processes where it makes sense, and the natural integration of accounts receivable software is a must. In the end, you will ensure you can pay your bills on time, but only those bills that should actually be paid.