Sage Cloud Accounting: Ready for the Move?

Sage cloud accounting software is based on the Ruby-on-Rails open source Web application framework. While you may not have any background on Ruby technology, you’re familiar with its use if you utilize Twitter or Groupon. The good news for those looking for Sage cloud accounting is that they’re extending this powerful platform to ensure you have access to extensive capabilities.

Sage Cloud Accounting – A New Approach for Sage

Like many companies in the software space, the revenue focus over the years has been to market software, shrink-wrapped by the thousands, to be installed on computers. As the global market is increasingly looking to cloud computing as an alternative to price and proprietary platforms, Sage decided it was time to leverage the opportunities in this space and developed the Sage cloud accounting platform to fit this niche. The new SageOne is available for small businesses or even individuals seeking access to great capabilities without great investment. The subscription-based pricing enables you to pay for only what you need on a platform that works for your business.

Free Sage Cloud Accounting?

In addition to the platform available for small businesses, there’s also a free Sage cloud accounting platform for existing Sage accountants’ club members. While this is a great benefit for club users, Sage is also extending 24×7 online, telephone and e-mail support. Interestingly enough, certain resources are suggesting that Sage cannot deliver a 100 percent uptime for the SageOne platform. A closer look at hosted solutions and you will find that very few will offer you a 100 percent uptime guarantee. At the same time, the company is using 128-bit encryption in various data centers located throughout the UK, to ensure the data and the processes you entrust to the Sage cloud accounting platform are secure.

Sage Cloud Accounting – Delayed Approach

This launch for Sage accounting software is an intriguing one in that Sage is a little late to the cloud accounting game for a company that has paved the way in a number of different software innovations. This is not to suggest that Sage won’t claim a significant segment of the cloud accounting market. And, considering the fact that so many different companies have been slow to migrate to the cloud for any other platform now is a great time for the Sage cloud accounting solution. Now that more companies are on-board with the concept of moving their processes to the cloud, Sage cloud accounting can move in on competitive situations and leverage the power of their brand and industry demand to drive adoption.

One question that remains, however, is whether or not Sage’s reputation as a strong software provided will carry over to the Sage cloud accounting platform. There are many that view the company as a strong contender, but as a software provider. A company trying to reinvent itself as a cloud-based provider may face opposition and intense competition. One thing you can know for sure is the fact that the power of Sage innovation and engineering is behind this cloud based accounting software, making it difficult to go wrong.