Argos Software Review

About Argos Software

Argos Software is the creator of ABECAS Insight, an innovative cost accounting solution designed for companies in a variety of industries, including nursery, greenhouse, warehouse, logistics, freight management and cost accounting.

Headquartered in Fresno, California, Argos Software provides solutions for specific industry verticals that they have experience in.  Argos Software offers a number of services in conjunction with their software to ensure that your organization will be successful and the solution will meet your unique needs.

Argos Accounting Solutions

  • ABECAS Insight

Argos Accounting Software Highlights

  • Job reporting that compares total revenue, total expenses, net amounts, and more
  • Detailed summaries of accounts and activities
  • Account balances conducted on an accrual basis, in both dollars and quantities.
  • Transaction notes
  • General Ledger: Automatically posts revenues, expenses, and work-in progress
  • ABECAS Insight maintains a detailed transaction history and audit trail.
  • Chart of Accounts displays detailed information of specific inputs, equipment charge-out, inventory transfers, overhead allocations, and more.

Benefits of ABECAS Insight

  • ABECAS Insight is an accounting software solution without boundaries. It can easily integrate with other front or back office systems, and scale with businesses as they grow.
  • ABECAS Insight provides detailed information necessary to drive decision-making, practical analysis, and manage the entire business.
  • Argos Software is seamlessly integrated, so that when one module of ABECAS Insight is updated, all accounts and history are updated as well.
  • Leverages activity-based costing to track each specific task, function, or phase, and generate detailed reports.

Happy Customers

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