About Deacom Accounting Software

DEACOM is a provider of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is engineered specifically to address the unique problems faced by modern manufacturers. The manufacturing ERP accounting software is capable of handling the most grueling manufacturing tasks and processes without the need for expensive customization and programming. With a sturdy accounting system integrated with the ERP, DEACOM is able to provide real-time job costing, inventory management and control, flexible order control and transactional posting.

The integrated DEACOM Accounting and manufacturing ERP software offers a solid solution for mid-sized manufacturers focused on process manufacturing, components building and mixed-mode manufacturing. By leveraging DEACOM’s Accounting solution organizations are able to streamline their business processes to decrease costs and increase profitability.

DEACOM Accounting Software


DEACOM Accounting Software Highlights

  • Provides accounting in real-time with transactional postings.
  • Allows users to create an unlimited number of custom financial statements.
  • Integrated accounting system that tracks accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash receipts and disbursements in real-time.
  • Leverages an intuitive interface to provide easy viewing of transactional data.
  • Uses any style of account numbering format for a series of different types of reports.
  • Strong journaling functions that include journal entries, recurring entries, and reversing entries.
  • Bank reconciliation features that help organizations manage their finances.
  • Allows businesses to create budgets and compare them to results.
  • Lets businesses use progress billing to create invoices based on current completion levels.

Benefits of DEACOM Accounting Software

  • Gives enhanced visibility of the entire company seamlessly integrating production, labor tracking, order entry, and invoicing.
  • Specifically designed system to handle the unique requirements needed by manufacturers of components, chemicals, cosmetics, paints, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.
  • DEACOM’s ERP accounting software for manufacturers helps organizations streamline their front and back office processes for maximum productivity and profitability.
  • Helps businesses manage accounting and financials easily with integrated ERP accounting software for manufacturers, using features such as accounts payable, general ledger, and real-time reporting and transactions.

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