Microsoft Dynamics SL Review

About Microsoft Dynamics

Founded in 1975, Microsoft has been labeled as one of the most powerful businesses in the software industry.  Through a series of acquisitions Microsoft has become a “top dog” in the ERP and accounting software industry, and the company continues to expand its services and software offerings.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a strong project management and accounting software that automates “back-office” processes, and drives smarter decision-making with detailed reports and analysis capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL Highlights

Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers highly customizable accounting software that meets specific business requirements. Dynamics SL is the strongest Accounting solution in the Microsoft Dynamics product line.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Accounting features include:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Advanced Payroll
  • Cash Manager
  • Currency Manager
  • Financial Statement Translation
  • General Ledger
  • Multi-Company
  • Payroll and Direct Deposit
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Portal
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • IT Management

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL integrates business intelligence, IT management, field service management, financial management, and project management to provide businesses with a single solution to manage their business operations.
  • Dynamics SL offers a strong financial management solution that can easily be customized to meet any businesses unique needs.
  • The accounting ERP system helps businesses improve decision-making with real-time capture of financial information.
  • Leverages advanced payroll functionality to easily manage labor and time collection, and helps calculate labor costs, government and regulatory compliance, deductions, benefits, and more.

Happy Customers

TWP Projects, RJ Lee Group, BMI Defense Systems, MacKay & Sposito,  Lifeworks, David Evans and Associates Inc, Gillespie Prudhon & Associates, KDA Holdings, Lee Company