TaxSlayer Books Accounting Software Review

With over thirty years in the software industry, TaxSlayer Books has come to be a common name among businesses. They pride themselves in being able to assist their customers in their accounting and bookkeeping needs. TaxSlayer Books has been around since 1992 but in 2001 they created the quickest and easiest way to track small businesses financial accounts. Everything from payroll to taxes can be handled with their software which is a great benefit for their users.

At a Glance
Accounting Software Products

  • TaxSlayer Books Free Edition*
  • TaxSlayer Books Elite Edition – $49.95
  • TaxSlayer Books W-2/1099 Edition – $2.49/form

Product Key Features

  • Complete payroll software with the ability to handle taxes
  • Full legers that are customizable to fit customers needs
  • Compatible with Quickbooks
  • Ability to handle direct deposit
  • Ability to print checks, pay bills and track expenses
  • IRS Approved

*Unclear as to whether this solution is actually free; their site mentions a $4.95/month fee, but no mention of when exactly this kicks in.

What Can Do

TaxSlayer Books offers free online accounting software that includes payroll, general ledger, and a variety of financial statements. You can even file your employee W-2 and 1099 forms through TaxSlayer Books, which only charges $2.49 per form upload. The Taxslayer Books Elite Edition is a downloadable accounting software solution that provides all the features and functionality of the online version, but with the added benefits of error checking, business check printing, e-filing of tax forms, and more.

TaxSlayer Books Accounting Software Technology

TaxSlayer Books Elite Edition can be purchased and downloaded onto any computer system. TaxSlayer Books Web Edition is fully downloadable to any computer that is internet compatible and is virtually free of charge. The only charges that will be incurred is when filing taxes, there is a small fee per paper to be filed.

Bottom Line

Their free solution is obviously a great deal, and their Elite edition is also very competitive compared to other SMB accounting software, but there’s also mention of a $4.95/month fee for the free version after a certain period, but .

One drawback is that their employee tax form uploading only includes federal forms, not state tax forms, so you still need to do those the old fashioned way. However, for small businesses that need a more robust accounting solution than spreadsheets and Quicken, TaxSlayer Books offers a complete financial management system.