UBCC Accounting Software Review

Universal Business Computing Company (UBCC) is a premier provider of small business Accounting Write-Up Software solutions. With fully integrated general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, payroll, inventory management, job management, and order billing modules, UBCC saves customers time and money with a broad set of accounting tools.

UBCC pride themselves in keeping their accounting write-up software ahead of the competition with robust features and automated workflows.

UBCC Accounting Software Solutions

  • UBCC Write Up Software

UBCC Accounting Software Highlights

  • General Ledger- Streamlines accounting activities with automated check capture, data entry, upper and lower case conversion, description table, and report generator.
  • Accounts Payable- Comes fully integrated with other modules such as bank reconciliation and general ledger, and leverages powerful features such as recurring entries, unlimited history, electronic 1099 filing, automated discount tracking, automated pay date assignment, and cash or accrual basis posting to general ledger.
  • Accounts Receivable- Tracks sales activities by representative, department, and product line, while also providing repetitive billing and sales analysis functionality.
  • Bank Reconciliation– UBCC provides powerful bank reconciliation capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with UBCC Payroll, Payables and General Ledger. The accounting software also automates the handling of void checks and clears bank entries automatically.
  • Payroll– Saves businesses time and money with tightly integrated payroll and accounting software. UBCC Payroll provides small businesses with the tools necessary to effectively manage financial activities.
  • Inventory Management- Manages full real-time perpetual inventory with advanced bar coding and serial number tracking.
  • Job Management- Efficiently tracks jobs, phases, and categories and automatically distributes costs, estimates, and billings into Payroll and Accounts Payable modules.
  • Order Billing- Integrated with Inventory Management and Accounts Receivable modules to streamline invoicing, ticketing, credit checks, unit conversion and more.

Benefits of UBCC Accounting Software

  • UBCC Accounting Software is fully integrated and all in real-time, enabling businesses to save time and money with their financial and accounting processes.
  • Designed around productivity, flexibility and portability, UBCC Write Up Software gives small businesses an easy-to-use client write up software solution that enhances profitability.
  • UBCC is designed around an open standards platform to allow users to easily customize the software, and import and export all data.
  • UBCC provides Accounting Write Up Software that is a perfect balance of sophisticated functionality and usability.

Happy Customers

Accent Payroll, C.W. Trevathan CPA, APAC, Flynn Accounting Resources, Inc., Slayton Financial Services, Henry Waters & Associates, United Service Companies, Inc.