Is Your Old Accounting System Holding you Back? Cloud Accounting can Help

Cloud computing allows you to run your computer applications and access data from any computer. Not only is this helpful in the work environment, but it is also becoming popular with accounting and financial management. Through your cloud computing vendor, your customers will be able to access their finances and you will have better control and management of your company finances.

Advantages of Cloud Accounting

Since cloud accounting is becoming the new way to manage your finances, there are many advantages that you should know about. For one, cloud accounting has low overhead because the vendor manages all of the upgrades and maintenance that occurs. This means that you no longer have to spend those long nights monitoring the new upgrades. Also, with the cloud, you can access your data anywhere at any time in an extremely secure environment with the ability for disaster recovery and backup to ensure that nothing is ever lost, or found by a third party. Fast deployment is also available so that you can be up and running within a few months, rather than waiting up to a year. The cloud can do this and so much more by adjusting to your performance needs.

Disadvantages of Traditional Accounting Systems

If your company is still using the traditional accounting system, it might be time to change to the cloud. One very discouraging disadvantage is the speed of your traditional accounting system as compared to cloud accounting. When you enter your data, you do it once and everything is saved, but you don’t hear about any profits or progress in your business for weeks. Another disadvantage is that your numbers might not be as accurate as you may think due to the human error factor, in which case you could spend even more time trying to correct. Not only do you have to worry about errors and time with your traditional accounting system, but you also have to worry about all of your data and making sure it is backed up appropriately. Unfortunately there is a higher risk of losing data.

How Cloud Accounting Can Solve Traditional Problems

The cloud, as well as cloud accounting, has so much to offer you and your business. If you are currently stuck with the traditional system and encountering numerous problems, cloud accounting can help you solve them. If you are worried about the cost of switching to cloud accounting, it is good to note that it typically cost 50% less than on-premise software, over a time span of four years. Cloud accounting can also ensure you don’t lose any data by backing up your records every few seconds. If your computer quits while you’re in the middle of a task, you can access that data from another computer with no problems. To ensure accuracy when calculating, you upload all your data into a spreadsheet, which can make the process ten times easier.

Cloud accounting is becoming one of the most popular ways to manage finances because it is more secure, easily accessible and now available more than ever. Staying with a traditional accounting system will only hold you back, especially if you’re an SMB depending on small business accounting software vendors.

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