QuickBooks Enterprise Review: What’s new in 11.0 and What’s Missing

QuickBooks has long been a favored accounting software program for small businesses and accountants.There are some new features in the 11.0 version of QuickBooks Enterprise software, but still some things that could be improved. This QuickBooks Enterprise review should give you the information you need to see if it’s a fit for your business.

QuickBooks Enterprise Review: What’s New in 11.0

After doing a QuickBooks Enterprise review, you should notice that it has all the features and modules you’ve come to expect from it. However, if that’s all there is, there’s no reason to upgrade. So, version 11.0 has a few added options to help it stand apart.

First, is the custom reporting feature. Historically, there were few options for reporting from QuickBooks beyond the standard reports that come loaded into the software, which has changed from Quickbooks Enterprise 10 to Quickbooks Enterprise 11. You can now customize reports to get the data you need, how you need it.

Another new feature our QuickBooks Enterprise review found was the Intuit Virtual Agent. This feature allows instant access to an in depth computerized help system. Far more robust than previous help modules, it can help you more quickly and conveniently answer your questions.

Finally, there’s the payment stub feature when accepting credit card transactions. This new feature allows you to easily get a printed record of a credit card payment to keep with the job file for easy access to anyone needing to see payments. It doesn’t take a computer expert to see how and when something was paid anymore, and it takes away sloppy notes hastily put into a file.

A QuickBooks Enterprise Review of Version 11.0 Shows Some Features Need Attention

Though QuickBooks is a market leader and very popular, after doing a QuickBooks Enterprise review, there are some features that could be improved. For starters, the aforementioned custom reporting feature is difficult to use for someone who is not already tech savvy. It will perform, but not everyone will be able to fully take advantage.

A second issue that our QuickBooks Enterprise review found missing was significant upgrades to the somewhat clunky interface. Customers report some of the processes are still time consuming and not intuitive. Finally, QuickBooks also has support issues. Unfortunately, it is all too common for the most recent upgrade to not be supported well enough by technical service representatives. As it gets more popular, this issue will likely go away, but for now it is still there.

QuickBooks Enterprise Review: Conclusion

QuickBooks Enterprise 11.0 has a plethora of new features, both large and small. It shows that Intuit is listening to their customers and making their flagship product bigger and better. Another positive aspect of doing a QuickBooks Enterprise review is that you can do it yourself for free. This will help ensure you are making the right decision for your business.

While not every person will love any software program, Intuit has a long history of satisfied customers, and our QuickBooks Enterprise review shows that this is unlikely to change.

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