Quickbooks: The Top Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Quickbooks Pro has been a top accounting software program for many years. Year after year it receives high praise from all corners, and very rarely are people disappointed after purchasing it. QuickBooks Enterprise reviews generally acknowledge it as the top accounting software to learn for someone with or without accounting experience. It does just about everything you could ever want from a top accounting software. It helps you keep you in compliance with regulatory agencies, and helps you keep your people happy in the office and in the field as the basic functions that help keep your company running are handled easily and efficiently.

Quickbooks: Top Accounting Software Features

The most important feature in the top accounting software is ease of use. The installation wizard walks you through the set up process. While it’s always advisable to get help from a professional, Quickbooks lessens this need. Even after setting up the more advance tools can still be used with almost no training. When help is needed, there is support available with help files and online support. Updates and downloads are available from the Intuit website. Available for purchase are two service plans that give you direct support and online data backup and data recovery for this top accounting software.

Quickbooks: Top Accounting Software Rundown

As the top accounting software, Quickbooks is easily customizable to meet your unique needs. The accounts receivable software allows you to create a special invoice that can scan checks into the software, and also work with UPS and FedEx for shipping. When it comes to accounts payable software, it does the basics quite well, such as printing checks, adding digital signatures, and handling credit card processing.

Payroll is easy with Quickbooks; it can handle different pay schedules and periods depending on employee and handle different profiles. The banking function is compatible with thousands of financial institutions allowing for easy download of banking and credit card transactions. Costs and billing are easy, just like the inventory tracking. Finally, the software is routinely updated to make sure you can keep up to date. The only major drawback to the software is the lack of fixed asset tracking. More expensive versions do have this feature, such as the Quickbooks Enterprise Edition, but the Pro version does not.

Quickbooks: Top Accounting Software Review

At the end of the day, what really matters is whether Quickbooks does what it says it can do. In a word, yes. It truly is terrific software that’s easy to use even for a computer and accounting novice. Data is easy to input or import from nearly any other software package. The free support documentation helps answer most questions that someone would have. Reporting is also very robust with over 100 standard reports and a company snapshot to help you know what is going on with your company. It truly does live up to the hype, and shows it deserves its ranking as a top accounting software.