Sage Accounting Software for SMBs

Sage Software is an award winning company with services that have changed the way companies do business in the 21st Century.  Their accounting software is backed up by human resources, asset management, customer relationship management, payroll software, enterprise resource planning, and much more.  With a concentration on small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), Sage accounting software is a good bet if you need a solid accounting software solution.

Small and medium sized businesses have needs that are as different as the people that run those businesses.  This is where Sage accounting software really is a step above other packages available in the marketplace.  You gain the ability to choose from a wide variety of applications and options, as well as the option to purchase add-on solutions developed both by Sage and other entities.

Why SMBs Choose Sage Accounting Software

There are two options if you are a small sized business wanting to use Sage accounting software.  The first is Sage Simply Accounting, and as the name implies, it is basic accounting software with simple accounting functions.  This top financial software will help you manage cash flow and handle accounts receivable and accounts payable with ease.  Another nice feature is the ability to easily switch between languages; English and French for users in Canada, and English and Spanish for users in the United States.

The second small business option of Sage accounting software is Sage Peachtree Accounting.  This has all the basics, but with a few more bells and whistles.  There is a lot more functionality with regards to inventory management, business analysis, and audit trails, to go along with the billing and cash flow options.  Sage Peachtree is also very user-friendly, and can help you gain more control over your business through in depth accounting.

For medium sized businesses, Sage accounting software has made it easy by keeping the names similar to its line of small business solutions, so as a company grows, it can easily scale its software to include more robust functionality.  The first option is Sage Simply Accounting Enterprise.  As expected, it handles the simple accounting without trouble, but adds in more project management tools, and most importantly, customer support for up to 20 users.

Sage Peachtree Quantum is the next step in Sage accounting software for the medium sized business.  The added business management tools allow users to better manage inventory, see trends quickly, improve collaboration, and the Sage accounting software even offers support for up to 40 users. Peachtree Quantum is the strongest Sage accounting software, and its speed and flexibility allow you to increase efficiency and reduce costs, thereby increasing the bottom line.

The final benefit of Sage accounting software is the Sage Accountants Network.  This allows Sage accounting software customers to quickly receive answers to their questions by leveraging a wide network of accounting professionals. Sage encourages experts to join the network by providing special offers and up to date information on Sage. This approach ensures that organizations can receive quick support when they need it, thus allowing them to run more efficiently.