Cougar Mountain Software takes pride in announcing the promotion of Chuck Gossett to CEO and President.

Boise, Idaho (February 04, 2009) –

Cougar Mountain Software takes pride in announcing the promotion of Chuck Gossett to CEO and President. This promotion comes on the heels of his father, Bob Gossett’s, retirement from the company, though continuing as Chairman of the Board.

Chuck Gossett came to Cougar Mountain Software as a full time employee in 2006 and has served on the family owned company’s Board of Directors for many years. Outside of Cougar Mountain, Chuck has been a local business owner for over three decades. He has owned and managed multiple businesses and retains a passive interest in Gossett and Davis Appraisal Services Inc.

As Chuck takes over the new role as leader of the company, he will continue to uphold the values and traditions shaped by the now retired Bob Gossett, who founded the company in 1982. Cougar Mountain Software has always taken pride in the retention of company service functions from their headquarters, thereby maximizing great customer service.

Cougar Mountain Software develops fully integrated accounting suites and is marketed nationally. This Idaho office has a full complement of operational and support divisions, including training, consultations and educational opportunities offered on-site and nationally. A new Modifications Division came to fruition in 2008, providing customization capabilities for new and existing customers.

Multiple product releases are ongoing with CMS Professional 2009 – the latest updated version for our CMS Professional users of Accounting, POS and FUND software – as well as CMS Total eCom – a complete online sales solution that is integrated to our CMS Professional 2009 accounting software and includes web site and shopping cart design, hosting and training. Both releases occurred in early Fall 2008.

“With our latest releases, CMS Professional 2009, CMS Total eCom and our new custom modifications unit, we feel we are in a good position to take on the many challenges in 2009. My father took pride in the service and integrity and products he built with this company, and I look forward to continuing those values,” said Chuck Gossett.

About Cougar Mountain Software: Founded in 1982, Boise-based Cougar Mountain Software publishes accounting software, fund accounting software, and point of sale software and hardware. Cougar Mountain has provided the software answer for more than 20,000 national clients across a variety of key industries. Cougar Mountain is ranked among the industry’s top PC software developers in the nation.

Source: Cougar Mountain