Cougar Mountain Software announces the release of Denali Version 2.6 which introduces the Bank Reconciliation module.

BOISE, IDAHO (July 12, 2007) –

Cougar Mountain Software announces the release of Denali Version 2.6 which introduces the Bank Reconciliation module. This latest addition will help Denali users instantly cross-reference business transactions with bank statements to make sure records are clean and accurate. The Denali product lineup can now track everything from expenses in Accounts Payable, to cash flow in Accounts Receivable, Sales (Order Entry), Point of Sale, Inventory, General Ledger–and now Bank Reconciliation.

Denali’s Bank Reconciliation is a powerful self-audit tool that reconciles thousands of checks and deposits each month. Bank Reconciliation collects all information from your integrated Denali modules (AR, AP) and helps you quickly reconcile your bank-account information through customizable reports that allow you to see the information you need.

The new module will also give users the ability to quickly flag missing checks, manage multiple bank accounts, track down questionable transactions, quickly view the current financial information for each account, track expenses by department, and control who has access through a multi-tiered security menu.

Denali is Cougar Mountain’s next-generation solution for companies looking for a fast, scalable, secure and integrated system. In short it incorporates all the tools and features of our CMS Professional V11.1 lineup but now with increased speed and power. Denali modules allow businesses to more robustly network multiple users while giving them the ability to handle higher transaction volumes–therefore making it more appropriate for mid-sized companies or current small business customers experiencing growth. Just like all other Denali modules, the Bank Reconciliation module can integrate with the rest of the program or perform independently.

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