Federal Foam Extends Their Made2Manage ERP System Using the Cost Calculator

In this “New Economy”, Federal Foam not only enacted cost cutting initiatives, but has simultaneously looked at all potential productivity enhancements for its workers. The Cost Calculator from Progressive Edge has delivered on both accounts. By being able to effectively analyze profitability, they

Milwaukee, WI (July 06, 2010) –

The Cost Calculator is a flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed for the Consona’s Made2Manage ERP System. As it name implies, Cost Analysis is a major part of this tool. But it is not limited to just Financial People. Project Managers can see exactly where a projects stand from a Material, Labor and Estimate to Complete stand point. The Procurement departments can see Vendor history and analyze Vendor performance. Plant Management can get Labor and Workstation efficiency reports to analyze routing effectiveness.

One of the biggest benefits Federal Foam gained from using the Cost Calculator has been with the Calculated Actual feature. Previously, using the Standard Costing method, costs were “lost” (trimmed) as the product move from one level to the next. The Calculated Actual feature allows Federal Foam to see the actual costs of a part at all levels of the product structure, including all of the sub-components and child parts, even if they are stock components. Thus, they no longer have to guess at the true profitability for their Make to Stock items.

Cathy Longtin, the Controller at Federal Foam, explains that prior to using the Cost Calculator, “either we could not get the information, or we had to combine several reports together with different pieces.” She continues, “The Cost Calculator pulls data out of Made2Manage into an easily readable report that provides valuable information. Custom reports and queries are no longer needed to see the information contained in Made2Manage now that we are using the Cost Calculator.”

“What most customers appreciate about the Cost Calculator is that there are no reports to write.”, explains Kenneth Roy, the President of Progressive Edge. “We have done all the work for you. Unlike other tools that even after you purchase the tool, you still need to write the reports and mine for the data relationships. The Cost Calculator works right out of the box and is ready to go. Our 12 plus years of working with Made2Manage customers have given us the knowledge and vision as to what the Customers are looking for.”

Although Federal Foam has only been using the system for a few months, they have been extremely happy with all levels of the product. When asked about the cost and how it was justified in these lean times, Cathy had this to say, “It wasn’t hard. The Cost Calculator is very reasonable to start with and it provides information that was either not available before or took too many hours to get.” In addition, “Progressive Edge has provided excellent support and been very responsive to questions and suggestions.”

About Federal Foam

Federal Foam Technologies is a custom foam fabricator specializing in agricultural, industrial and unique applications. They have two locations in Wisconsin with individualized processes and markets. One plant in Minnesota specializes in bonded polyester applications. Federal Foam has been using Made2Manage System since 2003 and has 97 users accessing the ERP System in various capacities.

About Progressive Edge, LLC.

Progressive Edge has been providing services and alternative solutions to Made2Manage users since 1999. These services include consulting services, custom programming services and applications like the BOM Manager and the Cost Calculator. Progressive Edge has had the privilege to provide services to over 70 companies using the Made2Manage ERP Software. Cost Calculator is installed in over 45 companies, and growing fast.

Made2Manage and M2M are trademarks of Consona Corporation. Progressive Edge is in no way affiliated with Consona Corporation or Made2Manage ERP.

Source: Consona