Improve Engineering Productivity Today with the Bill of Material Manager for Made2Manage Users

The “New Economy” has made your business leaner, but has it made you more productive. Productivity is all about working smart and making the most of available resources. Progressive Edge designed the BOM Manager to relieve your Made2Manage Users of the menial tasks which accompany Bill of Material m

Milwaukee, WI (February 09, 2010) –

Progressive Edge is excited to announce the availability of the BOM Manager. This product is a continuation of Progressive Edge’s commitment to deliver solutions which improve the productivity of the Made2Manage ERP software. By providing Engineers and Users the tools they need to efficiently find, update and manage your Bills of Material, the BOM Manager will deliver productivity gains immediately.

“Today’s business climate demands that your get the most out of all of your resources,” said Kenneth Roy, President of Progressive Edge, LLC. “However, sometimes your software systems get in the way. You find highly paid Engineers, dealing with mind-numbing tasks and forced to become data-entry clerks, just to feed the beast.”

Enter the BOM Manager for Made2Manage from Progressive Edge. Made2Manage has 4 different BOM Types: Standard BOM’s, Job BOM’s, Sales Order BOM’s and Quote BOM’s. The BOM Manager normalizes these different BOM Types into one common format. Now within one simple screen, the user can work with one or multiple BOM’s, regardless of Made2Manage BOM Type. View, Compare and Edit without having to jump around, everything is available at their finger tips.

Don Knoles, Engineering Manager for Del Packaging Equipment had this to say, “Finding where a component is used is now so easy, whether it is in a Sales Order, Job Order or Standard BOM. The BOM Manager shows it to me, along with all of the end items it is used in. What a great help, I can now do in minutes what would have taken hours before.”

Modular Design – Use just what you need

The BOM Manager for Made2Manage is currently made up of three modules: The Reporter, the Editor and the Importer.

* The Reporter module allows the user to find, compare and report on the Bills of Material in the Made2Manage system. The “Where-Used” capability of the BOM Manager is especially unique. It is a true multi-level search of your Bills, again regardless of BOM Type, with the results presented hierarchically, showing exactly where the component is used in the complete product structure. These capabilities just don’t exist in the base system.
* The Editor module allows editing of the Made2Manage BOM’s through the BOM Manager interface. Microsoft .Net technology brings some unique capabilities to this module. One highly anticipated feature is the Drag and Drop editing. With this capability, the user can drag components or full assemblies from one BOM to another, again regardless of BOM Type. So for example, the user could drag a Job BOM to a Quote BOM. No typing, no exporting, just one simple step.
* The Importer module allows you to import BOM’s from virtually any text file into the BOM Manager. From there edits can be made, error checking is performed, and then the BOM is imported into the Made2Manage database. A mapping wizard makes it easy to create new mappings for different import files. No need to pay someone to create the maps.

About Progressive Edge, LLC.

Progressive-Edge, LLC. has been providing services and alternative solutions to Made2Manage users since 1999. These services include consulting services, custom programming services and applications like the BOM Manager and the Cost Calculator. Progressive Edge has had the privilege to provide services to over 70 companies using the Made2Manage ERP Software. Cost Calculator is installed in over 40 companies, and growing fast.

Made2Manage and M2M are trademarks of Consona Corporation. Progressive Edge is in no way affiliated with Consona Corporation or Made2Manage ERP.

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