Openbravo Introduces Agile ERP with Openbravo 3

North America Openbravo Deployments Surge 110 Percent in 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (February 23, 2011) – Openbravo, the leading web-based Open Source ERP provider, today released the next-generation of its flagship open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Openbravo 3 introduces the concept of ‘Agile ERP’ to a software category known historically for bloat and cost overruns. Openbravo’s Agile ERP approach is a significant departure from mainstream ERP, which forces businesses to over-pay for massive, yet inflexible systems. Unlike today’s conventional ERP, organizations can deploy Openbravo in as little two weeks, then add modular functionality as the needs of their business evolve.

“While Openbravo boasts nearly 2 million downloads, perhaps more noteworthy is that Openbravo now has about 2,800 active deployments in North America alone, a doubling of the active base in just 12 months,” said Eric Kraieski, an executive with Transitional Data Services, the Openbravo partner of the year in North America. “We expect Openbravo 3 to provide tremendous appeal to this installed user base and new businesses alike.”

The key business benefits of Openbravo’s Agile ERP approach include:

  • Business Agility: The modular product architecture of Openbravo 3 provides customers with a strong technology foundation and access to over 275 pre-integrated, commercial and open source modules that add new capabilities based on the individual needs of growing businesses such as internationalization and functional areas specific to departmental requirements or vertical markets.
  • Rapid & Sustained ROI: 100% web-based and cloud ready for fast roll-out across geographies, with a business model that eliminates painful contract and maintenance negotiations. Openbravo 3 is the extendable open source ERP platform that delivers complete customer control.
  • Increased Productivity: Openbravo 3 introduces a completely redesigned user interface which sets a new standard for ease of use and productivity of web-based enterprise applications. In addition, Openbravo 3 introduces Workspaces, a set of dashboard and visual tools to quickly and easily integrate data from other enterprise applications, such as CRM, BI, or content management, and productivity applications such as email, calendar, Twitter or Facebook.

To learn how Agile ERP from Openbravo can impact your business, please register for the webinar: How to Accelerate Business Results with Agile ERP: Openbravo 3.

“Legacy ERP systems can consume as much as 18 percent of revenue from large businesses, and the ‘one size fits all’ approach often leads to expensive customization in addition to expensive software licenses and pricey maintenance contracts. The current state of ERP alienates hundreds of thousands of small companies that can help revive the global economy, but are struggling with software that’s too rigid and expensive for their needs,” said Paolo Juvara, CEO of Openbravo. “At Openbravo, our mission is to help small and medium sized businesses improve their agility with an affordable ERP solution so they can respond to shifting business conditions. Openbravo 3 introduces our vision for Agile ERP, which helps make agile business a reality.”

Openbravo also announced today that usage of the company’s ERP solution has surged in the North America by 110 percent in 2010 as production deployments increased from over 1,300 to nearly 2,800. The United States has consistently been the second largest consumer of Openbravo ERP technology since the company accepted its first venture capital investment in 2006.

Openbravo 3 is immediately available in two editions, Professional and Community, both of which provide core open source functionality for Finance, Sales, Procurement, Warehousing and Master Data. Thanks to the new Workspace functionality, Openbravo 3 can add business value beyond the traditional back-office role of ERP to become a virtual control center for organizational activity for a broader set of users.

Openbravo Professional Edition is distributed exclusively through Openbravo business partners, and includes advanced functionality, support and full in-app access to all Openbravo modules to incrementally extend the Openbravo capabilities to meet evolving business needs. Downloaded almost 2,000,000 times, Openbravo Community Edition has a broad functional footprint and is ideal for small businesses exploring ERP and is available for free download.

Online Resources

  • Register for the webinar: How to Accelerate Business Results with Agile ERP: Openbravo 3.
  • Learn more about the Openbravo 3 Professional Edition, including product videos.
  • Download the Openbravo 3 Community Edition

About Openbravo

Downloaded nearly two million times, Openbravo is the world’s leading web-based Open Source ERP solution. The Agile ERP company, Openbravo sells its Professional Edition exclusively through a global network of channel partners whose expertise provides rapid, cost-effective implementation services. Openbravo partners also provide deployment expertise for the rapidly growing selection of over 275 Openbravo modules that add localization and rich functionality to the core product. Openbravo has offices in the U.S., Spain, and India.

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