Happen Business Software Review

About Happen Business Software

Founded in 2001, Happen Business is an Australian-based company that addresses the growing demand for comprehensive accounting software for the small to medium business market.

The majority of business applications are developed to produce a set of financial records, but do not focus on how those results were achieved. Jim2 sets itself apart because it provides complete visibility into every aspect of a businesses operations in real-time, and also assists in streamlining all business operations.

Jim2 Business Engine combines accounting software and ERP software into one integrated package designed for small and medium sized businesses that want to streamline their business processes and leverage a solution that delivers maximum ROI promptly.

Industry Sectors

IT Industry, Managed Print Services, Managed Services, Sales driven businesses, Communications, Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Specialist Service Industries.

Happen Business Accounting Solutions

  • Jim2 Business Engine
  • Jim2 Business Engine Managed Services Edition
  • Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition

Happen Business Accounting Highlights

Leverages a complete accounting package with integrated ERP and workflow management. Features include:


  • Live General Ledger, Debtors and Creditors, BAS calculation, Full Audit Trail, Analyze Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet on-screen by day, week, month, quarter, yearly or total. Also includes multiple currency support.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer relationship management with full 360 degree view of all customer activity including sales, quotes, notes and tasks.

Performance Dashboard

  • Creates a personal Jim2 Business Engine ‘homepage’, and allows users to choose relevant reports, figures, statistics and information to be displayed.


  • True Business to Business electronic commerce. Electronic purchase orders, price feeds, stock availability and virtual warehousing.

Kitting and Packaging

  • Allows users to combine a range of inventory into a ‘bundle’ when quoting and selling.

Quoting and Invoicing

  • Easily creates quotes, invoices, track sales and sales probability

Multiple Currencies

  • Fully integrated currency transactions and reporting.

Reports and Analysis

  • Superior and flexible reporting allows users to easily monitor all aspects of business.

Supplier Integration

  • Jim2 integrates with your suppliers allowing current prices, stock levels and product quantities. All information is directly accessible from your Jim2 software. No more price lists, no more going online to find prices – it’s all in one place, conveniently downloaded into Jim2 each night.

Engineer Labour Tracking

  • Jim2 tracks each of your service technicians / engineers allowing you to calculate billable hours as well as compare actual hours to billable hours. Combined with the use of benchmarking, Jim2 can provide information about your workshop that no other package can provide.

Benefits of Happen Business Accounting Software

  • Jim2 is an affordable accounting solution for small and medium sized businesses that offers a fast return on investment.
  • Small businesses can rid themselves of time-consuming processes enabling them to focus on the activities that really matter, and gain an edge in their competitive market.
  • Jim2 Accounting software helps businesses reduce costs and optimize operations, and can streamline many business processes, including quoting, planning, sales, accounting, and marketing.
  • Leveraging workflow processes, businesses can manage, track and control the inputs that drive the bottom-line. Jim2 Business Engine also goes on to produce a set of financial records.

Happy Customers

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