Zoho Set to Offer Online Accounting Service

Accounting solutions are one of those necessary elements within any company – you need to keep track of the books, invoices, accounts payable, accounts receivable and the standard cash flow. While some thrive on numbers and enjoy putting this information together, others simply need access to it to make timely decisions. Either way, companies need to decide if they want a complete accounting solution resting on their servers, or a hosted service that anyone can access through a web browser.

For those who opt for the latter, Zoho has announced it is expanding its productivity suite offerings once again. The company is now offering Zoho Books, an online accounting software solution. This launch marks the 26th product for Zoho to date. The company has rapidly built a strong reputation with online offerings meant to satisfy the needs of the small- to medium-sized business seeking to compete on a larger scale.

This latest solution has already been compared with QuickBooks as it offers business users a snapshot of money flowing into and out of accounts. According to Zoho, the software is designed to allow users to send invoices for payments, record bills and expenses, receive online payments, monitor bank and credit card transactions, manage contacts, deal in a wide variety of currencies and share data across the enterprise.

Zoho Support has also recently been added to the company’s long list of products resting on the cloud. This web-based help desk software has been added to Zoho’s productivity suite empire.

This company is one with an impressive and comprehensive set of solutions. It is building brand recognition in a world dominated by Microsoft and Google, yet has never raised any outside funding. This may just be one solution provider to continue to watch.

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