5 Best QuickBooks Add-Ons

Over the years, QuickBooks has been recognized as one of the premier accounting software packages available on the market. The solution, which was initially for small businesses, expanded its reach to include mid-size and large enterprises.

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As a highly customizable accounting software solution, QuickBooks can be enhanced with a number of add-ons to extend its functionality  into several markets where it normally lacks the necessary features. Listed below are the 5 Best QuickBooks Add Ons of 2011.

1. WebKPI

WebKPI is a business intelligence reporting add-on for Quickbooks that is sold through authorized partners for $600/year/company file. The add-on uses key performance indicators based on a financial snapshot taken from Quickbooks. WebKPI makes it easy to monitor revenue and cashflow, profitability, ROI, and more. The QuickBooks add-on makes it easy to email a variety of reports, charts and graphs through automated report emailing.

2. ViewMyPaycheck

ViewMyPaycheck is a QuickBooks add-on designed by Intuit Inc, and the add-on is free for all QuickBooks Payroll Subscribers. The add-on is an employee portal that lets QuickBooks payroll subscribers can upload paycheck information, which enables employees to securely access pay stubs, W-2 forms, and vacation/sick time. Leveraging cloud technology, ViewMyPaycheck enables employees to view and print copies of their payroll information from anywhere.

3. SmartVault V3

SmartVault V3 is an online document management solution that is available free for up to 100 MB of storage, or $19 to $69 per month, depending on storage size and the number of users. The add-on was originally designed to work only with Quickbooks, but now any small business can use SmartVault for document management. SmartVault allows accounting firms and small businesses to streamline their processes by going paperless with a single solution. SmartVault’s seamless integration with QuickBooks, and its quick inbox document processing and scanning, make it a “must-have” for QuickBooks users.

4. ShipGear

ShipGear is a QuickBooks add-on brought to the masses by V-Technologies. The solution costs $225 for QuickBooks Pro, $375 for QuickBooks Premier, and $615 for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The add-on integrates QuickBooks with FedEx Ship Manageer and UPS WorldShip. This offers users an way to ship packages, and updates QuickBooks to include freight charges. Additionaly, The QuickBooks add-on eliminates double-entry between the systems, and can generate personalized email notifications.

5. bMobile Route Manager

bMobile Sales ranges in price from $299 per user to $9,850 for bMobile Route (with the final price being based on the number of users, routes, support services, and optional modules and customizations). This QuickBooks add on is clutch for distributors of food, beverages, and other products. The add-on literally helps to plan and track every activity in distribution. The QuickBooks add-on even helps you plan how to load trucks, and what routes to take to avoid traffic and improve delivery times. The add-on seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, and can be used in the field with hand-held devices.


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  1. David says:

    Thanks for including http://www.ViewMyPaycheck.com in your list.


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