A2R to Offer Complete Accounting Software 2011: Sage Peachtree

Dubai-based consultation firm, A2R Solutions has announced it will offer the latest version of Sage Peachtree for 2011. The software is suitable for all types of companies either looking for an accounting software or simply software that fits their individual needs. The latest version of Sage Peachtree allows companies to calculate their employee’s salaries much more easily, along with calculating exact deductions, and other accounting methods.

The new accounting software solutions allow users to simplify their accounting work by making use of the new and different features. The solution is very secure and maintains all information much more efficiently than competing solutions.

Sage Peachtree also offers many features to make it a considerably easier and more accurate platform. It helps the user to leverage dashboards for visibility and can also e-mail invoices to the customers. This functionality is conducive for managing inventory and automating purchase orders.

Founder of A2R Solutions, Aftab Hasan shared in a statement that his company has found Sage Peachtree to be very easy to use and reliable. He also shared that A2R Solutions aims to provide their clients with the best accounting financial software and other software solutions. Hasan believes A2R’s mission is to make sure all clients can work more efficiently and ensures that Sage  Peachtree has advanced and comprehensive features.

A2R Solutions has been offering business solutions to its clients for many years and has dealt with some of the best accounting software solutions on the market. They have also provided HR solution software, as well as other types of software solutions. A2R claims to market only the best software brands, ensuring its customer base continues to remain loyal.

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