Accounting Software Articles

Which QuickBooks Competitors Offer a Better Alternative?

When shopping for the best financial software for your business, it is best to do all of your research to make sure you pick the right one. Rather than looking at which is the most used or has the highest ratings, you need to investigate every aspect. QuickBooks seems to be the face of accounting […]

Not a Windows Business? Check out this Accounting Software for Mac

There are many different choices when you look at compatible accounting software for Mac, including TPG Software, Big Business Software and Sage. All three companies have valuable features such as Portfolio Genius’s, check booking, and time billing; so take a look at these top choices for Mac accounting software to decide which one will best […]

What Does the Harmonization of Accounting Standards Mean for Your Business?

Corporate international accounting standards have long been a way for companies to simplify how they do their accounting procedures. These procedures are in place to make sure a company can easily and effectively have their accounting reports and plans in one method, ensuring accuracy across the organization. What’s gaining steam in recent years is for […]

Accounting Software Review: Sage Simply Accounting for Small Businesses

With the Sage family of products, they have options in accounting software for a variety of business needs, including Sage cloud accounting. Like any software, there are pros and cons to Sage Simply Accounting. It’s important to review these issues before purchasing any accounting software program and to give any software a test run before […]

QuickBooks Enterprise Review: What’s new in 11.0 and What’s Missing

QuickBooks has long been a favored accounting software program for small businesses and accountants.There are some new features in the 11.0 version of QuickBooks Enterprise software, but still some things that could be improved. This QuickBooks Enterprise review should give you the information you need to see if it’s a fit for your business. QuickBooks […]

SaaS Accounting Rules: Why SaaS Companies Have to Follow Different Accounting Rules than Regular Software Licensing Companies

At the most elementary level, accounting rules are different for SaaS companies compared to traditional software licensing companies. If the basics of formal requirements weren’t diverse enough, the way revenues and costs are accounted for can cause you more confusion. An understanding of SaaS accounting rules can be important for you, your company, and your […]

The Move into Cloud Based Accounting Software: Is It Time For You to Make the Change?

The trend in the technology space is to continue to push toward cloud computing. Vendors such as NetSuite, Intacct, FinancialForce and more are even offering cloud based accounting that enables companies like yours to leverage enhanced functionality without making significant investments in software, hardware or infrastructure. While the cloud promises many benefits, it is not […]

Useful QuickBooks Add Ons and How They Can Improve Your QuickBooks Experience

With QuickBooks already in place, you have a powerful solution to help manage the financial aspects of your business. What if you also need that information to integrate into other areas of the business? The following QuickBooks add ons take this accounting software implementation to the next level so that you can manage nearly every […]

Should You Buy Your Payroll Software Separately?

There are many benefits to having your payroll software separate from your accounting software, but there are also some down sides as well. Keeping accounting software for large businesses and payroll separate may be easier for those large companies, while handling them as one saves money for the smaller company. Take a look at some […]

Professional Financial Planning Software That Will Truly Streamline Your Finances

Many believe that there is simply not any professional financial planning software that is capable of serving the needs of all of its advisors. However, since EISI first entered the financial scene in 1999, they have consistently upgraded and improved upon their products, winning many over who eventually converted along the way. EISI are the […]