Which QuickBooks Competitors Offer a Better Alternative?

When shopping for the best financial software for your business, it is best to do all of your research to make sure you pick the right one. Rather than looking at which is the most used or has the highest ratings, you need to investigate every aspect. QuickBooks seems to be the face of accounting software but their competitors may also have exactly what you are looking for in accounting software. Certain QuickBooks competitors, such as Sage Peachtree, Bookkeeper, and AccountEdge all have many benefits to their software, and one of them just might be the right fit for you.

Sage Peachtree Tops the List of QuickBooks Competitors

Sage Peachtree accounting software is one of the top QuickBooks competitors. Their Complete Accounting 2012 software offers many great features that can be extremely beneficial to your finances. With Sage Peachtree you have the ability to take control of all of your inventory requirements, as well as manage your vendors, cash flow, payroll reports, and online banking.

For their new Complete Account 2012 software, Peachtree gives you the capability to copy transactions, including invoices, quotes, proposals and purchase orders. Sage also provides you with an advisor, which dedicates their time to learning about the software and other business resources. They’re committed to improving your business intelligence and decreasing conflicts with your finances.

QuickBooks Competitors Include Bookkeeper

Another of the leading QuickBooks competitors, Bookkeeper, may also surprise you with their list of features. On top of being a top ten accounting software, Bookkeeper is much more affordable than the next leading QuickBooks competitor. Even though the price range is extremely low, Bookkeeper offers some of the same features as other higher-priced accounting software.

This QuickBooks competitor can be used to write checks, create invoices, restore bank accounts, track jobs and manage inventory. Bookkeeper also allows you to use your business logo for customization, which is a great tool for marketing. Although there are a lot of pros to this accounting software, you should also note that it doesn’t include large-scale shipping options, and there’s no tool for tracking your fixed assets.

AccountEdge Highlighted Among QuickBooks Competitors

AccountEdge is also among QuickBooks competitors that have a lot to offer in the finance and accounting spectrum. With their new 2011 software, this vendor among QuickBooks competitors has decided to step up their game with a number of new improvements. A unique aspect to AccountEdge is that they have the ability to synchronize with your mobile device, whether it’s a Mac or PC version. This way you can check your payroll, record sales, track expenses, manage customer information and much more, at the palm of your hands.

You now also have local support that’s provided directly to you through AccountEdge. With this support, there is also someone close to you that can assist you with any needs or questions you may have. As you can see, QuickBooks competitors bring quality accounting solutions to the table, and with a little research and knowledge, you’ll easily find other quality options through QuickBooks competitors.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    How does QuickBooks (and its competitors) differ from apps like myERP?

  2. Amanda A says:

    Well, these accounting solutions are all software that you have to install to your system, whereas myERP is a cloud-based Google App that you can use through your Google account. QuickBooks, Peachtree, Account Edge, and Bookkeeper are all dedicated accounting software for small businesses that generally allow multiple users, while myERP is an all around solution for managing small business operations, but it only allows for 2 free accounts. These two groups do very different things, so I’m not sure how useful comparing them is in terms of deciding what kind of accounting software that you want to use.

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