How to tell Which Cloud Based Accounting Solutions will Work for You

When looking at cloud based accounting solutions, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect fit for your company. Looking into all of the different vendors can become very time consuming and taxing if you don’t know exactly what you want. Take a look at a few key questions to ask yourself before you choose your new cloud based accounting solutions vendor.

Does the Cloud Based Accounting Solutions Vendor Meet the Functional Needs of Your Company

There are likely specific functions you have in mind that you would like your cloud  accounting program to manage. Dashboards are important so that you can see the balances, invoices, bills and expenses at a quick glance but free online support is also very important. If you want to have the ability to take your company mobile then you need to ensure that your cloud based accounting solutions vendor has mobile capabilities as well.

Are These Functions Being met by Your Cloud Based Accounting Solutions Vendor

Is your company in other countries? If so, access to multi-currency is a function vendors must be able to provide. Payroll and inventory are other functions that you should probably look for, as these two functions are very time consuming and costly. Finally, look for the security that the cloud based accounting solutions vendor offers. Make sure that they do not have a track record of lost data or unauthorized access breaches.

Is Your Cloud Based Accounting Solutions Vendor Publicly Traded

Publicly traded companies are easy to keep track of and check up on. A paper trail allows you to verify the reliability and integrity of the company. If you are considering a particular cloud based accounting solutions vendor then you can ask for a list of share holders or backers. If the company is not publicly traded and rather it is run through investors you can also ask for a list of the investors. Make sure that the investors are reliable and do not have a history of backing out and hurting the integrity of a company.

Look at the Security of Your Cloud Based Accounting Solutions Vendor

If you are seriously looking at one particular vendor, then you have probably already done a cloud based accounting comparison and looked at the security measures that they take to ensure the safety of your data. Take it one step further and let your personal security department look into what they offer as far as security. By having people who are already trained in the field of security look into the matter, you may be surprised what might turn up. This is the easiest and most efficient way of ensuring the safety of your company information.

Will the New Cloud Based Accounting Solutions Vendor be Able to Integrate with Legacy Applications

Legacy applications are those that have been around for years and include things such as language, platforms and techniques. If your company has been around for a while then chances are you probably have many of these legacy applications that carry important functions for you. It is very important that your new cloud based accounting solutions program will integrate with these legacy applications or you could find yourself with a new product that is completely useless. You don’t want to have to start over; you just want to upgrade what you have. The integration process could be the most important factor of the entire cloud based accounting solutions search.

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