MAS Accounting Software Improves ERP Systems

Accounting software is an essential tool for all businesses, but not every business should rely on the same software tool. With MAS accounting software, you can be sure your business can comply with all regulatory and competitive pressures. You know that as you grow, disjointed business systems do not meet with your expectations, or those of your customers or partners. Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting solutions must be integrated to deliver the most value to the organization.

MAS Accounting Software Meets Your Organizational Demands

Sage MAS accounting software easily meets the needs of your organization to improve your overall performance. While your larger enterprise may be gaining in complexity, the accounting practices you follow do not have to be complicated. By implementing MAS accounting software, you can streamline your processes and simplify the management of your books without giving up the analytical power you need to get results.

Within your business, you have vital challenges to the steady flow of business. These challenges can include cash flow management, invoice and billing monitoring, and adhering to industry regulations. With so many hurdles to overcome within your business, you don’t want your MAS accounting software to add to the complexity. You need the solution to be easy to implement, understand and use.

MAS Accounting Software: Developed With Your Needs In Mind

As a leader among accounting software vendors, Sage understands these challenges and developed its MAS accounting software to address your unique needs. You need simplicity and efficiency in your MAS accounting software, which is why Sage will work with you to determine what you need within your environment and try to ensure you are not implementing more than you need or lacking features that are a must-have for your business or industry. When the solution is integrated with your ERP system – which Sage accounting can also provide – you can gain enhanced visibility into your operation to make better strategic decisions moving forward.

From an industry perspective, MAS accounting software lends incredible usability to the enterprise and can be integrated based on the company. In fact, Sage offers both Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200, allowing you to select the solution you need that best fits the size of your company or the complexity of your transactions. In today’s market, the size of the company is often skewed when examining the internal operations, so be sure to first identify your needs and not just your size.

Industry regulations today put significant demands on the business to ensure you are doing things “by the book”. This means that not only will you be examined by the Internal Revenue Service to be sure you are paying the right amount of taxes, but also by state and federal government agencies to be sure you are complying with all mandates and laws, such as Sarbanes Oxley. Your MAS accounting software should take these regulations into account to be sure you are always in compliance.

At the end of the day, you are in business to make money. With Sage accounting software in place, you can enhance the value of your ERP systems to ensure you have streamlined necessary processes to eliminate waste. As a result, you are better positioned to drive revenue and profitability.