The Customization Question: Can You Effectively Customize Cloud Based Financial Software?

If your company is starting a cloud based accounting comparison, you need to be sure that you know exactly what you are getting before making any decisions. Finding a cloud based financial software vendor whose product can be customized to fit your specific needs is important.

FinancialForce is a Flexible Cloud Based Financial Software Vendor

FinancialForce is an innovative cloud based financial software vendor who has been taking a fresh approach to its regular business functions. Their cloud based financial software uses the power of in combination with their accounting system design. This has resulted in a cost efficient solution that will help you with more than just bookkeeping and transactions.

The cloud based financial software that FinancialForce offers is customizable enough to fit the needs of the smallest company to the largest. The departmental boundaries found in most accounting systems are not present in the cloud based financial software by FinancialForce so that it can be used by multiple departments for multiple functions. The software is also compatible with CRM programs so that the “old and new” can work together.

Customizing the Cloud Based Financial Software from FinancialForce

The tools available in FinancialForce cloud based accounting solutions cover a variety of tasks, and can be utilized and customized to fit specific business needs. Charts are the biggest customizable feature from FinancialForce in which you can set up a single ledger or multidimensional charts of accounts depending on what your company needs are. Currency functions are another customizable feature in their cloud based financial software; whether you have clients locally or globally, the software will work for you. The currency feature also features a global tax function to help make transactions easier.

NetSuite Gives You Another Option for Flexible Cloud Based Financial Software

The cloud based financial software from NetSuite is flexible enough that you can build your system from the ground up or just use it to improve on the ERP system you already have. The flexibility of NetSuite is endless when it comes to website designs because you can create as many websites as you need/want. Each customer that your company services can be customized into the system to retain information such as previous purchases, dollars spent, etc. These things can all be tracked on the customizable ledgers and forms that can be created with NetSuite’s cloud accounting.

Using the Customization Tools for NetSuite’s Cloud Based Financial Software

Each product that your company markets can be customized into the cloud based financial software so that it has its own tracking information. The multiple customers that you service, no matter where they may be, can each be set up in their own currency if needed and even their own language. Because different regions have different sales tax ranges, these can be customized as well. When creating your web pages, you can customize them to the point of allowing each customer a drop down menu for shopping, currency they wish to purchase in and the region they are in.

Cloud Based Financial Software is a Positive Asset for Your Company

No matter which cloud based financial software vendor you choose, customization is the key to success. Ensure that the choice you make is one that will allow you to utilize the tools and functions that you need to make a great working relationship.

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