Is Mac Accounting Software as Robust as its PC Counterparts

While you may still be comfortable with your PC accounting software, Mac accounting software could surprise you. One such accounting software, QuickBooks for Mac, is a slightly less expensive buy than the leading Quickbooks competitors. This software includes time tracking, bill paying, invoicing, bill pay and reporting capabilities. You can also use the iCal app on your Mac and be able to back up your important data using MobileMe. With cashbook, sales and purchase orders, departmental accounting, accounts receivable and payable and much more, your Mac accounting software can prove to be a good investment.

PC Accounting Software

If you’re one of the many PC users and continue to believe you have made the best choice in software, there are some things you should know about your Windows based accounting software. QuickBooks offers many options for all your PC needs. All versions, from free to the higher priced, offer quality features. You have the ability to create as well as send invoices, charge sales tax, track payments, print checks, and many more options. This is also accessible through your Blackberry, and even your iPhone.

PC Versus Mac Accounting Software

While most accounting software that is made for PC can be converted, there are some features that remain different for each. For example, QuickBooks can be used on both Macs and PCs but the software doesn’t offer the same features for each system. When using Mac accounting software, you can share the software with your accountant but you’re unable to continue working on the program. You can also use the online Mac OS payroll software, but it doesn’t come with the program like it does with Windows.

QuickBooks SDK, WebConnector and App Center that are used with QuickBooks, cannot be accessed through the Mac accounting software. Basic online banking is also more difficult with Mac. Transactions can only be added one at a time to the account register and there are very few financial institutions that support the Mac version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks for Windows sends out more reports than QuickBooks for Mac and there is only one version of the Mac accounting software and most don’t support multi-currency to make bill paying easier.

Mac Accounting Software vs. PC Accounting Software: The Bottom Line

PC and Mac accounting software both have a lot to offer you and your business. While we have outlined the facts about each accounting software, only you can determine which will bring you the most success. PC accounting software tends to come with more to offer, but can also be a little higher priced and harder to understand and run. Mac accounting software doesn’t offer all the top featured items, but the software is usually cheaper and much easier to understand.

It’s also important to understand that if a PC accounting software comes out with a new edition, it will take much longer for Mac to identify the new version, and there are times when Mac accounting software developers doesn’t upgrade their products. It’s important to do all the research necessary because the system you use will have an everlasting effect on the success of your business.

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