Learn How Sage MAS Accounting Software Can Create Effective Back Office Processes

Your back office of yesterday might have been the actual production line or factory; the very nuts and bolts that made your operation function. Today’s back office still serves a similar purpose – to make sure your phone system and computer technology are serving and tracking customers, and all your business functions are running smoothly – a goal rooted in reliable, flexible accounting software.

Sage MAS Accounting Software: Efficiencies For the Basics

Enter Sage MAS accounting software, or the Master Accounting Series. First on the scene more than three decades ago, Sage MAS 90, the basic Sage MAS accounting software product, was used mainly for wholesale distribution. Today you could find it used for a number of industries and models, including ecommerce strategies.

Core Sage MAS accounting software modules are the foundation of Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS ERP. You can handle accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets, bank reconciliation and the general ledger, serving all your business operations.

Integrate All Your Processes with Sage MAS Accounting Software

If it’s a more complex, collaborative Sage MAS accounting software option you’re after, consider the Sage MAS 90 and 200 Extended Enterprise Suite, or EES. This is a solution to consider when you want to integrate all aspects of your finances, sales, orders, distribution, product availability and more back office processes. Some users have noted the option to classify received goods as fixed assets, allowing them to move easily into financial data and account for tax savings related to depreciation.

Rev It Up with the MAS 500 Option

Perhaps another comprehensive Sage MAS accounting software option you could consider is the Sage MAS 500 ERP, which has six modules for accounting instead of five, adding in multicurrency management. Sage accounting software boasts a simple user interface, multiple useful functions and a workflow that makes sense. You can upgrade, modify and enhance the way this Sage MAS accounting software delivers, including modules to improve back office operations like project-based accounting or your workflow for distribution and manufacturing.

Another interesting feature you’ll notice in the Sage MAS 500 ERP accounting software is the ability to hang on to many years’ worth of client history and to automate jobs related to your vendors. For your accounts receivable, you can build in automated calculations to minimize mistakes and prevent double entry. Also note that its module for allocations lets you establish allocation dependencies, redistribute your allocations and establish additional transactions for managing allocations.

Sage MAS Accounting Software: Reduce Back Office Time

A back office task you’re likely to spend a considerable amount of time on can be reduced with Sage accounting software – fixed asset accounting. From computers, copy machines and presentation equipment, you need to know who has the item, who needs to keep track of its maintenance and how much it has depreciated. With Sage MAS accounting software tools, you can set up fixed asset accounting and then let it be taken care of automatically.

Keeping up with rapidly changing tax laws and regulations can be another time-absorbing back office task for your organization. Remedy it with Sage MAS accounting software that automates the calculation processes, reports and tax returns to prevent audit problems, as well as remove the time you might need to spend looking up tax schedules.

Need some help with collections? Sage MAS accounting software can automate those calls for you, saving you time and increasing your follow-up success with delinquent customers.

More Time For the Future

Today’s back office needs to be able to take care of a long list of your needs, so that you can spend more time on planning and strategizing for your future. Sage MAS accounting software  has several modules that may offer you the control and visibility you need, whether your back office is on-site or across the globe.